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Carpet Steam Cleaning Bundaberg

Carpet Steam Cleaning Bundaberg

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Professional Cleaning
Steam Carpet Cleaning
There are many varied methods of steam cleaning your carpets. The correct term for steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery is in fact “hot water extraction”. We will refer to it as steam cleaning as it most commonly known.

The most common form of steam cleaning is a 1 stage process, where a cleaner will bring to your home a portable or truck mount machine.

This steam cleaning machine is filled with water and detergent and your carpet is cleaned without any prespray or agitation.

This “splash and dash” method cleans your carpet without a rinse process and unfortunately leaves detergent residue in your carpet which will promote rapid resoiling. This steam cleaning method is over 20 years old and is not the preferred method by most carpet cleaners today, but unfortunately is still being used by a lot of bait and switch operators.

Country Care Carpet Cleaning Bundaberg DOES NOT use a 1 stage steam cleaning process.

Country Care Carpet Cleaning Bundaberg uses a 6 stage steam cleaning process.

Process Stage 1: Carpet Vacuumed then Pre-Spray
Stage 1
Carpet is Vacuumed then presprayed with biodegradable cleaning solution
Process Stage 2: Rotary Agitation
Stage 2
Carpet is rotary agitated to ensure soil separation and spot & stain removal
Process Stage 3: Stain Removal
Stage 3
Any remaining spots and stains are treated separately until disappearance
Process Stage 4: Steam Cleaning
Stage 4
Carpet is steam cleaned (Hot Water Extraction)
Process Stage 5: Carpet Rinse
Stage 5
Carpet rinse is applied for pH balance and to ensure no residue is left in carpet
Process Stage 6: Deodorise
Stage 6
During the last stage a quality Deodoriser is applied

Optional Extras for steam carpet cleaning:

Tefguard carpet protector
Dry cleaning after steam cleaning
Carpet raking
Carpet antistat