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Carpet Cleaning Bundaberg

Quality Carpet Cleaning ServicesLeave your home, business or commercial property sparkling clean with our carpet cleaning bundaberg service

Country Care Carpet Cleaning Bundaberg can handle nearly any kind of Carpet Cleaning in Bundaberg or Pest Control project, small or large. We can remove stains, restore carpets after water damage, remove odors, and much more. If you’re looking for the Best Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control service at the best rates, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Here’s a little more about the types of projects we can handle.

Home Carpet Cleaning Bundaberg & Pest Control Bundaberg

Has it been a while since the carpets in your home were thoroughly cleaned and deodorized or had your house treated for Pests Bundaberg? Then it’s time to call Country Care Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Bundaberg! We’ll remove the stains and discolorations in high-traffic areas, and deodorize the entire carpet to remove odors from pets, kids, or frequent use or if it is a problem with pests we will eridicate them for you. We’ll leave your home fresh and smelling great and pest free , so you’re ready for entertaining or spring cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control for Residential Rentals Bundaberg

The carpets in apartment complexes and rental homes can really take a beating – and when someone moves in or out, it’s often time for some carpet refreshing. Our carpet cleaning service handles residential rental carpet cleaning nearly anywhere in the Bundaberg area. Count on us to remove stains and odors and freshen up your rental home’s carpets anytime!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bundaberg & Pest Control Bundaberg

The carpets in office buildings and other businesses need regular cleanings to help you make the best impression for your clients and visitors. As a general rule, those commercial spaces get far more foot traffic – and wear and tear – than residential carpets. Work with Country Care Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Bundaberg to take the hassle of scheduling that regular chore off your plate. Our Bundaberg carpet cleaning service can include doing regularly – scheduled cleanings at your commercial space – giving you the peace of mind that your building stays well-maintained, without having to stop and schedule the service every single time.

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Cleaning

So how do we manage to clean your carpets so well, every time? For the most part, we use the highly-recommended method of hot water extraction – also called steam cleaning – to remove as much dirt, grime, oil and other debris from your carpets as possible. Hot water is sprayed onto the fabric of the carpet and then vacuumed back up – resulting in sparkling-clean carpets that often look just like new!
Furniture Removal Services
To clean your carpets properly, we’ll naturally need access to the entire floor! If you’re unable to remove the furniture yourself, we can help you remove any furniture or heavy objects that may be getting in the way – all as part of our regular carpet cleaning service. Some companies will charge you extra for removing and then replacing the furniture, but not Country Care Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Bundaberg!

Other Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Services upon Request

Have a job not listed here? Not sure how to handle the cleanup of a particularly challenging job? Get in touch with Country Care Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Bundaberg today and tell us about your project. WIth our extensive experience in the industry, chances are we can help!

We look forward to serving you soon!